Oxfordshire TT League 2017

All results and division tables can now be found at: www.oxoniancc.co.uk/tt-league/

Southmoor 10 on Wednesday 21 June 2017

PosNameClubTimeDiv 1Div 2Div 3Div 4
1Tim AllenCowley Road Condors20:36    
1Rich HarrisonOCRC 2nd Claim20:3615   
3Malcolm RoseOxonian CC21:0514   
4Pierre ScraseDay Members21:52    
5Lewis HuttonDay Members22:31    
6Ben WalkerFairly United CT22:39 15  
7Andy WattMidOxon CRT22:4713   
8Martin PriorOxonian CC23:06 14  
8Graham WinstoneOxford City RC23:0612   
10Pete WarwickMickey Cranks23:14    
11Howard WallerOCRC 2nd Claim23:17    
12Tim WillmerOxonian CC23:30  15 
13Matt RowleyOxonian CC23:4811   
13Andrew BennettFairly United CT23:48  14 
15Ian CartwrightOxonian CC23:50  13 
16Paul AlldayFairly United CT23:56 13  
17Alan AllcockDay Members23:58    
18Olly GouldOxonian CC24:04 12  
19James HuntOxonian CC24:07 11  
20Natasha ReddyOxonian 2nd Claim24:15    
21Ian RadburnOxonian CC24:29  12 
22Dave RickettsMidOxon CRT24:37  11 
22Phil StrongmanOxonian CC24:37 10  
24Andy DavisOxonian CC25:22  10 
25Claire VallanceMidOxon CRT25:43  9 
26Paul ThorntonOxonian CC25:54  8 
27Tracy MakinOxonian CC26:07   15
28John EllisOxonian CC26:56   14
29Jeff KingOxonian CC28:10  7 
30Colin FisherOxonian CC44:12   13
MAnna WoodcockOxonian CC   20 
MSteve LeggeOxonian CC   20 
MDave HansonOxonian CC   20 
MPete SaundersOxonian CC   20 
MWendy GundryOxonian CC   20